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If Only... One Shot- By Me

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If Only…
One Shot

Wind swept through his hair, and he stumbled while rain splashed his face. He fell to the floor, and his eyes filled with sorrow. It was just here…that he had first met him, his friends, his best friend. Why was life so cruel to him? Why was like so cruel to the young boy, son of James Potter? Why did Remus Lupin, and Harry Potter have to deserve this?

Loss, after loss. James was dead. Lily was dead. Sirius was dead. Peter was as good as dead. He was alone in the world, and Remus wished nothing more than to be with his friends. To leave this world, where he lived. This was a nightmare, and he simply wanted to wake up.

No, he had to stay. He had to be there for Harry Potter, for James. For Lily. For Sirius. He’d live through this, but Merlin all he wanted to do is scream, cry, let out some of the sadness, and terror that filled him.

Sirius. Sirius, was gone…this was more than he could take…his throat tightened up as he collapsed under the tree of the empty Hogwarts grounds.


Moony!” yelled Sirius, rushing up to his friend.

“Yeah mate?” asked Remus looking up from his book.

“I figured out the perfect prank to pull on old Snape!” said Sirius nearly skipping with eagerness. Remus smiled in spite of himself, he tried to act like he disapproved of Sirius’s love for pranks on Snape, but it was challenging. He put down his book, and grinned.

“What do you have in mind?” asked Remus slyly.

“Okay, I transform into Padfoot or the Grim, and I follow Snape around, and haunt him! Ah! He’ll be so creeped out, he might even try doing some good luck charms. So if he does that, I’ll write a book-“

“A BOOK!? YOU? Please!” said Remus rolling his eyes.

“Yes, a book I’m not kidding Moony my friend. Anyhow, I’ll send him the book, and it will be ways to change your luck. I’ve got the first one. Wash your Hair, with this special Shampoo,” said Sirius pulling a bottle from his pocket. “He’ll do it, and the shampoo makes it so when someone looks at your hair it appears pink, but when you look at it, it appears to be normal!” said Sirius happily. “Brilliant eh?”

Remus laughed, and grinned.

“Beyond brilliance Mr. Padfoot!”

“Are you Serious…NO WAIT I AM!” said Sirius laughing hard. Remus was trying hard not to roll his eyes.
“You know how old that joke is? How corny/. How bad? How stupid? How-”

“Alright! GOT IT, No here help me out,” and the two friends sat under the beech tree, plotting out this amazing prank.

Remus took a steadying breath, and sat under that same tree. He sighed. This was all too much for him. Sirius Black had become an animagus just for him…and now he was alone in the world.


“Exchange journals of the past weeks,” said their Divination teacher, Professor Migland. “Read what has happened to your partner, and look up parts of it in the textbook, find out what might be the consequence of these actions,” she said. Remus snorted, this was complete rubbish.

“Here Padfoot, but try not to predicate my sudden death,” joked Remus passing Sirius his journal. Sirius grinned and handed his to Remus. Remus began to read.

Day One – Journal- Divination

Today, was the worst day of my life. James Potter, one of my best friends approached me with the worst news ever. He says to me.

“Sirius, my friend, I think it’s time to give up pranks.”

Honestly, when he said those words, I could feel the world almost stop, and I gaped at him. Who was this guy? Merlin, what kind of idiot would give up pranks? James seemed to sense my thoughts and thankfully decided to elaborate.

“It’s Lily,” he said. “She’s really starting to talk to me this year, you know. She actually called me James, instead of Potter.”

I had to restrain myself from rolling my eyes, and Merlin it was hard.

“So, if we that is to say You, Moony, Wormtail, and myself lay of the pranks she might go out with me!” he said now grinning.

Let me tell you something, it made me sick. I collapsed into the wall behind me, my breathing became short.
“No…p-pranks,” I spluttered, my eyes widening.

“None,” said my friend, James.

“…No…I-I couldn’t…your mental…” I said holding a hand to my heart.

James put a hand on my shoulder.

“It’ll be okay, now no pranks, oh and thanks,” then James walked off, leaving me to wallow in misery.

So today is my first day of no pranks, I have no clue how I got through the day.

Week One

James still hasn’t played one prank and I’ve spent about 2 hours staring at a box of Filibuster Fireworks. Snape passed me in the hall, and my hand groped for my wand, wanting to hex him, but James held me back.

“Any day now Padfoot,” he told me. “Lily’s talked to me four times this week without a scowl.”

Merlin, this is going to a bloody long time.

Week Two

I honestly think I’m going to go mad, like this. James keeps flashing grins at Evans, and I sit here fiddling with my wand wishing I could prank anyone who comes near me. Preferably a slimy Slytherin, if you catch my drift.

Week Three

I’ve been trying to get a new hobby, I’m thinking chess. After all I am really good at it…but that is a drag. So I decided to write a book.

Here is the first chapter:

Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Prank Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks
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Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks
Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks Pranks, Pranks, Pranks

Argh, I just showed it to Prongs, and he think’s I need a therapist.

Week 4

One month, one bloody long month. No pranks. I must be insanse. I spent 7 hours holding my book of pranks, which I created a week ago. Merlin, my hands are shaking, and I long to have prank to pull.

Week 5

Five weeks without pranks, Dumbledore held a feast for me. I hated it.

Week 6

I couldn’t stand it! I pulled a prank today. I set of fireworks in Transfiguration, McGonagall even looked relived. The teachers missed me! Ah.


Remus sighed, he’d give anything to read Sirius’s book now…but he was gone…forever.


Sirius had missed James and Lily with his whole heart, and he longed to be with him, but now…he was with him, he’d be happy. Happier than he had been since the night they died. So just maybe…

Remus sighed, he wanted to be with them as well…

“No…” he whispered to the night. “No, I’ll stay here, and protect Harry. I’ll be there for him,” he said closing his eyes. He opened his eyes, and looked up at the sky. Was it his imagination or was there clouds in the shape of a dog and stag. Remus shook his head in disbelief, until he heard it. The wind blowing. It sounded as if three voices were saying.
“Thank you Remus.” Remus just lay there, and tears flooded his face. He creid, as he wasn’t ashamed, he let his emotion out.

Somewhere…somewhere…James and Lily Potter, and Sirius Black smiled at him, and whispered their thanks.

A/N Okay, that was really bad I know, but still.

Always is Forever- By Me

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Always is Forever

Summery: Lily Evans and Sirius Black are couple. James Potter, and Aria McKinnon, his girlfriend for two and a half years are a couple, and engaged at that. Sirius, has not seen James, Remus, or Peter in one year. He had told them he was working in a secret auror office…or was he? What happens when James finds out that Sirius Black, his best friend is going out with the girl of his dreams, who broke his heart years ago? Who had played with his heart, then left him…

Lily Evans and James Potter Romance

Not your average Lily and James story.

Chapter One

To See What I Saw

Snow fell serenely to the floor falling with a soft thud. It was near evening, but the village of Hogsmeade was lit up. It was bustling with students from Hogwarts School, teachers from the school, villagers. Or just passersby. James Potter was walking through the streets with Remus Lupin his best friend. Well, James Potter had three best friends in the past. Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew.

Sirius was like James’s brother, but after he received a job offer in Scotland (Sirius had never told them what the job was exactly, (apparently it was a secret) but he always managed to owl them.

Remus Lupin sort of took Sirius’s place, when he moved. They were close, but nothing could replace the friendship he had with Sirius. They shared a flat in the heart of London.

Peter Pettigrew hung out with them every once in awhile, but seemed oddly subdued. To Remus, and James he wasn’t very fun anymore.

*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* James’s Point of View*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*

“So Moony my dear friend, how’s things going with Alexa?” I asked casually, smiling as the snowflakes fell on my shirt, which was of emerald green. Remus had been dating, and went out with an Alexa last night.

“Rubbish,” said Remus wearily. “She was bloody annoying, kept talking to me about Moon light strolls by the lake. She loved the Full Moon apparently,” said Remus rolling his eyes. I sighed, I felt so awful for him. His girlfriend, well his fiancé had died last year. Her name had been Alana Johnson.

“I’m sorry mate,” I said sympathetically.

“Ah, it’s not that bad. She wasn’t my type,” he said shrugging. “Anyhow, have you asked her yet!?” asked Remus, looking at me his eyes filled with excitement.

“What? What are you talking about mate?” I asked, knowing perfectly well what he was going on about, but I loved watching him in suspense. Remus glared at him, and hit him on the back of the head.

“Merlin, stop being daft!” he exclaimed. I tried to give him an innocent look, but it was nearly impossible because I was rubbing the back of my head. “Honestly! Did you ask Aria yet?”

Aria. Aria McKinnon, cousin of Marlene McKinnon. She was beautiful, that’s for sure. She had silky black hair that fell to her shoulders. She had eyes of a dazzling blue that reminded him of sapphires. She was sweet, kind, funny, outgoing, she even had a temper, competitive, and loved Quidditch. We had been dating for two and a half years, and I had been planning to ask her to marry him, and yesterday I had finally done it

“I asked her,” I told him simply.

“Well?” he asked impatiently.

“Well what?” I asked him, grinning as he became more irritated with me.


“Oh…should have just asked that to begin with,” I said trying hard to not laugh. I would have been dead if looks could kill because Remus was glaring at me. “She said yes. It’s in the prophet you know, they published a piece about it. Apparently some new journalist caught me asking her,” I said with a smile. Remus’s scowl, broke into a smile.

“Brilliant mate!” he said, giving me a brief hug. We continued walking through the streets…

Hogsmeade’s Town square
Lily Evan’s Point of View
I clutched the Daily Prophet in my hands, but the wind blew it from them. It flew around and around, and I scowled chasing after it. Finally the glossy pages curled under my hands. My red hair blew into my face, covering my bright green eyes, this annoyed me and I brushed it away. I, Lily Evans walked over to the center of the Town Square. I settled myself on a bench right next to the water fountain. Children were running around it, laughing, and playing.
One girl with light brown hair, walked over to her. She seemed to be around the age of five.

“Hello,” I said brightly smiling warmly at her.

“Hi,” said the girl shyly, with a small smile. “Um…miss…um…”

“You can call me Lily,” I told her kindly.

“Um…alright. Lily…do you think you could cast a charm on our jump rope,” she gestured behind her, were three girls were holding a jump rope. “-so it will turn for us?” she asked timidly.

I grinned, and nodded.

“Of course, I can,” I told her taking out my wand, walking over.

I preformed the charm, and each girl hugged me in turn as thanks. Smiling, I walked back to my bench, back to my prophet. I always loved playing with children, and talking to them…

Sighing, I looked down at my newspaper, and my jaw dropped at the headline. It made my head spin, I felt sick.

Famous Auror James Potter Proposes to Healer Aria McKinnon.

James Potter was on holiday in South France, with his girlfriend Aria McKinnon. He was seen by reporters in a small café with Aria. They seemed to be having a nice evening, when James took out a small velvet box from his pocket. He opened the box, which contained a ring. Beautiful it was gold, sapphires placed all around the band, and single diamond shining in the center. He asked her to marry him. She said yes. We watched this heartfelt scene for a few moments, until James spotted us and threatened to hex us into oblivion if we didn’t leave.

So sorry ladies, but the handsome, very good looking boy James Potter is taken. James Potter is the top auror at the Ministry, very well known, and respected…heir to Godric Gryffindor…very wealthy…

It went on and on. My throat constricted, and tears filled my eyes. I pulled my jacket together around me, and I shivered. How could I have not expected this? James was wealthy, famous, extremely good looking, kind, funny, and brilliant at Quidditch.

I shouldn’t expect James to never get over me, he should move on…and he did, but why did I feel a small amount of jealousy when I read Aria (soon to be) Potter’s name?

“Lils!” said a voice behind me, I turned around and saw my boyfriend, Sirius Black. Sirius had been dating Aria in seventh year, but she broke up with him, the same day I broke up with James. Sirius then began to see me, not telling his friends about it. Apparently they thought he was in Scotland…he had lied to them, to see me.

“Sirius,” I said with a smile, as he leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. “Did you read the prophet?” I asked, as he sat down next to me. He shook his head, so I handed it to him. I watched as he read the article. He had an odd expression on his face.

“Aria…” he murmured. “Prongs…Aria…” again a strange expression on his face. He looked up, and caught my eye and seemed to come out of a reverie.
“Prongsie is getting married!” he said looking delighted. I tried to smile, but I couldn’t…why was that?

“Yeah…James and Aria Potter,” I mumbled, running my fingers through my red hair. “Getting married?” I asked, though it was more of a statement than a question.

I sighed, I wasn’t feeling content right now…it was weird…strange… There was an odd silence between Sirius and myself, we just sat there, both preoccupied, I wondered what was bothering Sirius, but didn’t feel like asking him. . Finally Sirius put and arm around my shoulder, and leaned in to kiss me quickly, when…

“MERLIN! WHAT IS GOING ON!?” screamed a voice a familiar voice…

*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ James Potter’s Point of View*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^**^*^*^

Remus and I walked through the damp streets, talking casually. I sighed, and told him everything. I learned to confide in him, and he listened better than Sirius ever would. He understood, and made jokes at the same time, where as Sirius could only turn everything into jokes.

“So I told McGonagall that she should actually construct a statue of You, Sirius and I and place it in the hall so no one forgets the Marauders,” said I putting his hands in his pocket, because I felt that they were going to freeze any second. Remus started laugh.

“What about Wormtail?” he asked me through laughs.

“Well, he wouldn’t be a cool statue,” I said shrugging. “Well, I suppose we could always carve his name beneath ours,” I told him, considering the idea for the first time. “Then-OUCH!” Remus had just hit me in the back of my head.

“What Moony? I was telling you my plan!” I said slightly annoyed that he hadn’t been hanging onto my every word. Remus and I had been approaching the tow square. Remus didn’t answer my question; instead he was gaping at the water fountain. Curious, wondering what would make Remus as silent as a rock I looked over where his eyes lay.

My heart, almost twisted, and exploded into little tiny pieces. It was like someone had torn it out, stepped on it, and began to dance on it. Weird comparison, yes, but that’s the only thing I can figure out to describe how I actually felt at the moment. There sat Lily Evans. Lily Evans, the girl of my dreams. She was beautiful than ever before. The way a lock of her red hair, fell into those emerald eyes, but then Remus kicked me, and pointed to a figure next to Lily. My heart jumped again. Sirius Black, my best friend…but he was supposed to be in Scotland. I was confused, but then I saw Sirius put his arm around Lily, and anger boiled up inside of me.

“MERLIN! WHAT IS GOING ON!?” I screamed, and to my surprise Remus had yelled it exactly at the same time. Lily and Sirius swirled around, and faced ud. Sirius wasn’t looking me in the eye, nor Remus, but never the less Remus and I walked forward, our eyes blazing.

Remus must have been angry just because Sirius was here…sitting casually on a bench, when he was supposed to be miles away. Well, I shared this problem, but what was he doing with the girl who had stolen my heart, broke it, and then danced all over it!?!?

Chapter Two

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Sirius Black’s Point of View~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I whipped my head around and found myself face to face, with James my best friend and Remus Lupin my other best friend. Merlin if looks could kill I’d be gone, long gone. They were glaring at him, eyes blazing with fury. I looked at the floor, Lily clutching my hand tightly. So tight my circulation might have been cut off. James and Remus marched forward, and I finally looked up, and swallowed.

“Prongs, my good, dear friend, who is like my…brother…Moony, my wonderful, forgiving friend, so good to-“ but James began to yell.

“Bloody hell, Sirius Black!” he screamed. Kids began to look curiously at the scene. James took a few deep breaths to compose himself, and said in a dead whisper, “You are coming to my and Moony’s flat, Sirius Black. Then we’ll talk, and hopefully you’ll come back to this flower in pieces,” he said to me. Lily looked at James, and opened her mouth, but he shook his head.

“No…Evans…or is it Black now?” he said the words with so much emotion, I thought he’d explode. “You two come to my apartment, but be quiet for awhile won’t you, Aria will be over, and she doesn’t like talking to liars,” said James sin a voice, I knew he used to save for Snivellus. Lily looked at James with a mixture of emotions, but I couldn’t tell which, his words were repeating in my head…Aria…over…I haven’t seen her since we broke up…Merlin, how I loved her…

James’s mouth was moving for awhile, and I stared at him, not taking in one word of his speech. Then Remus and James walked off…leaving Lily and me in thought…

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Lily’s Point of View~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I watched as James approached me, I stared at him taken aback. How handsome he was…that picture in the prophet couldn’t show…his hazel eyes were deeper. I remembered when he used to look at me in school, when we were dating. They would be filled with warmth and love. Now…when he looked at me…I saw hurt, anger, jealousy…?

Why would he be jealous? He was engaged to the prettiest girl ever, Aria. Aria…Potter… He walked over, and I watched the way his hand flew to his hair, and he ran his fingers across it, shouting at Sirius and I. Sirius was listening where as I wasn’t. I wished I was James’s for that one second…but I was not…and I never would be, Sirius squeezed my hand, and I came out of my reverie to here James speak.

“You are coming to my and Moony’s flat, Sirius Black. Then we’ll talk, and hopefully you’ll come back to this flower in pieces,” he said to Sirius. I looked at James, and opened her mouth, but he shook his head.

“No…Evans…or is it Black now?” Anger began to boil up inside me and a lone tear trickled down my cheek. Merlin, the moment he said the words to me I realized one thing. I still loved him… that James Potter…

“You two come to my apartment, but be quiet for awhile won’t you, Aria will be over, and she doesn’t like talking to liars,” said James, and I swallowed hard tears springing onto my eyelashes.

Aria, had been my one true friend…my best friend…

Liar…I was a liar…

I watched as James turned to leave, and Sirius just mumbled a few parting words to me, and ran off.

James turning around to leave…it made me remember…


I sighed, as James pulled her hand and led her outside, by the lake.

“Oooh! James, it’s so pretty,” said Lily softly, as she watched how the water, and the moon above it. It wasn’t a full moon, a half moon beautiful all the same. Though every time I saw the moon I felt sorry for Remus. I love to sketch, in my Art book, and one time I drew a portrait of the full moon reflected in the water, and gave it to Remus. He never saw the full moon before, and he loved the drawing, because underneath it Lily had drawn him not as the wolf, but as the man he truly was.

“Lily,” said James softly, as we settled at the edge of the waters. I smiled at him, and laid my hand onto the smooth, cool surface of the lake. James smiled and put his hand over mine, and stole a kiss.

“Lily,” he said again gazing at the moon.

“Yes?” I asked listening to him, with a smile.

“Lily,” he said once more, reaching into the pocket of his robes. He pulled out a velvet red box, and opened it. Inside, was a golden ring, with a diamond in the center, emeralds running around the band, matching her eyes…

My heart fluttered, and I gasped, a hand flew to my heart. I must have looked pretty because James smile widened when he saw my expression.

“Lily, I love you, you know that… We’ll be together always, will you marry me?’ he asked in a soft, but slightly nervous voice. My heart began to pound, his words echoing in my mind.


I took a deep breath, and opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t…


Always, that was so long…I couldn’t do this…


“Lily? Lily, are you alright,” James asked me looking fearful, he was shaking slightly waiting for an answer.


“I’m fine James…” I muttered.


“Lily, you never answered…my question…” he said softly.


“I-I…” I stumbled over my words.


“You?” prompted James.


“James,” I managed to say. “James did you really…mean that?” I asked him.

“Of course I meant that my flower. We’ll be together always,” he said that word once more, and my throat constricted.


“James,” I ventured once more, not looking him in the eye. “James, Always is Forever,” I said. James simply looked at me, the ring hung loosely in his hand, then spoke in a quiet voice.

“Always is Forever…exactly,” he said.

“James, I can’t promise that I’ll be yours forever!” I said standing up. James didn’t say anything, but looked at me like he was in a trance, but I could tell he was getting more hurt by every word that came out of my lips. The ring lay forgotten on the lush green grass.

“James! Are you listening to me!?” I questioned, and he nodded and looked close to breaking down, but he spoke.

“But Lily-“ he began, but I didn’t let him finish, I shook my head in disbelief.

“NO POTTER!” the words seemed to sting him like a bee sting, because he jumped back, rubbing the back of his head apparently lost for words.

“I love you Lily,” he said to her, emotion evident through the tone of his voice.

“No you don’t Potter! I’m just your girlfriend, the longest one you’ve ever managed to have!” I yelled, again he stepped back slightly. If I only could have stopped there…but no… I seized the beautiful ring from the grass, and threw it into the lake. I saw it floating…in the distance…

“Good Bye James Potter. This is to much for me,” each word was causing as both pain, and I turned on my heel. My back towards him, and walked off….


I closed my eyes, hating myself for what I had down…Merlin, I had ruined the best thing that had come into my life… I ran.

I ran to my apartment. My shoes covered in mud, the bottom of my skirt torn, shredded. My hair messed up. I stumbled falling onto the pavement, and I had cut my knee. Blood trickled from the wound, but I continued to run, ignoring the fierce pain.

When I reached to my apartment, I jabbed the king into the lock, and turned it, throwing the door shut. I ran to my bedroom, and collapsing on the bed. Tears rapidly began to flood my vision.

Merlin, I sobbed.

I cried my heart out.

I still loved James…but now he would have a wife. Not me, but Aria…


“Please…let…this…b-be a n-nightmare,” I said through her cries.

It wasn’t.

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Fan Fiction: Standing in the Shadows - By Arleigh

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Chapter 1: The Death of the Potters

Voldemort was launching a reign of terror that killed muggles, muggle-borns, and wizards alike.

Snape wrung his hands. They (Voldemort and his Death Eaters, or minions) had attacked Lily and James Potter’s house. No doubt the Dark Lord would use the killing curse on the Potters. But why attack the Potters, Snape wondered. If Lily was murdered by Voldemort, oh, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. He would have been employed by the dark wizard that had murdered his secret crush since the first time he saw her. Snape remembered the way her green eyes would sparkle when she smiled at him, when they were friends, all those years ago.When she hadn’t started going out with that twit of a boy, James Potter. He remembered the day of his worst memory when Lily had stuck up for him and he had called her a Mudblood. A lump of guilt welled up in Snape’s throat. He was now lost in thought....................................................................................A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. He shook his head. What was happening to Lily seeped back into his head. Please not Lily, he prayed, not Lily. He told himself that it could be one of his students asking for an extra-credit assignment, but he knew it was Dumbledore, bringing news of the Potter’s death.

When the door was knocked again, Snape croaked "Come in," Snape croaked. Another lump was welling in his throat It was Dumbledore, looking very grave.

"Severus," Dumbledore began. Snape interrupted him.
"No, no, don’t tell me, not Lily," Snape said, backing up into a storage cabinet, shattering a few glass jars. He didn’t care. Nothing cared. Lily was dead.

"She barely felt a thing, Severus. He didn’t use the Cruciatus Curse, from what we can gather, on her and James," Dumbledore said quietly. Snape’s face went white.

"So the whole family is dead?" Snape asked, the lump in his throat swelling.
"Curiously enough, no," Dumbledore told him. "They had one son, Harry, as you know."
Snape nodded curtly.

"And?" he asked.

"Well, Lily sacrificed herself for Harry,"Dumbledore said. "And it created powerful magic that protected young Harry from Voldemort killing him. When he tried to kill Harry, it backfired. Unfortunately, will return to power, as said by an old prophecy," Dumbledore finished.

"But why would he want to kill Harry? And what did you do with the boy?" Snape asked.

"To answer your first question, another old prophecy said thatthe Dark Lord will be vanquished by a boy that was born in late July. To answer your second question, Harry will live with his aunt and uncle, his only living relatives, for the next eleven years, until and can return to the wizarding world." Snape was about to answer another question, but Dumbledore cut him off. He is staying with his aunt and uncle because his aunt has Lily’s blood and can protect him from Voldemort."
Snape’s brow was furrowed. He was in deep thought. Does this mean he’ll have to put up with another Potter? Will he be like James? Will he be like Lily? Snape was quite curious.

"Well, Severus, I have business to attend to. Best be off."
Dumbledore shut the door behind him. Not Lily, Snape thought, not Lily.The only friend he ever had at Hogwarts was dead. A tear rolled down his cheek and dripped off his long nose. He couldn’t hold the tears. Snape stood against the wall and sobbed.

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Fan Fiction By Blair

This is a Hermione/Draco ficiton, written by my friend Blair.

Dis: I’d probably ruin Harry Potter if I owned it.


One be water, one be fire
Can they find a real desire?

Icy eyes were half closed in extreme exhaustion. They wandered around the dungeon classroom that he was in. Professor Snape could tell something was wrong. The boys’ skin was paler than usual. He made no snide remarks. No jeers at his fellow classmates.

“Mister Malfoy.” A cold voice broke through the silence of the dungeon. The icy eyes of Draco Malfoy snapped up to see his teacher. The black eyes of Professor Snape bore into Malfoy. “See me after class.” He said finally before turning and striding back to his desk.

Draco sighed and continued work on his half finished potion.

Brown haired Hermione Granger tossed an ingredient into her potion. “I wonder what’s wrong with him.” She said softly directing the comment to her two best friends, red haired Ronald Weasley and black haired Harry Potter. “Who cares?” Both of them replied at once not bothering to keep their voices down.

“5 points from Gryffindor, if I hear one more outburst it will be 500.” Snape said icily as he looked up from his desk. “Stupid git.” Ron muttered as he balled up a piece of parchment furiously. “Ron don’t.” Hermione warned him as she stirred her cauldron.


Draco waited outside Snape’s office. His Professor was now where in sight. Glancing around he saw no one. He held out his palm and a flame flickered to life. His practice of controlling an element was coming along wonderfully in his mind. Some people may be natural at elements but elements can also be learned.

Footsteps sounded down the hallway. Draco quickly curled his hand into a fist and let it drop to his side. “Malfoy.” Came the crisp and cold voice of his professor. Draco sighed in relief seeing who it was.

“You wanted to see me.” Draco replied. “Do you care to explain what your doing?” Snape asked in his ‘no-nonsense’ tone of voice. “I was waiting for you Professor.” Draco said innocently.

Snape’s eyebrows rose for a fraction of a second. “Hold out your hands.” He commanded the 6th year boy. “Professor-” Draco began to object only to be cut off. “I said hold out your hands Malfoy.” Snape’s black eyes met Draco’s icy blue eyes. With a sigh Draco obliged to the command.

Burn marks showed on his palms and some going down his arms. “What on earth-” Snape stopped as his eyes widened in recognition. “You fool Draco! You’re trying to control the elements.” Snape sank into his chair and shook his head. “Others can do it.” Draco replied with a haughty voice saying that he was clearly better than those others that could control an element.

“Draco they were trained wizards! Not a student in school!” Snape exclaimed. “You could be burned by your own power with out the control needed!” He tried to explain to Draco the consequences of untrained elements but to no avail. After a while of pointless conversation Draco left.


Hermione Granger walked the hallways that led to the lake. She had told Harry and Ron she was going to the library which immediately caused them to make excuses about why they couldn’t join her. She reached the lake not noticing that Draco Malfoy was also headed that way.

She kneeled in front of the lake and glanced around. Draco hid behind a tree watching with interest. What was the mudblood up to? She brought her hand up as a tendril of water of water danced up from the lake.

Draco’s eyes widened. He half wondered is she was a naturally seeing the amazing control she had over the water. The water formed it self into a heart. Draco peered out form behind the tree. Unfortunately he stepped on a branch.

Hermione quickly wave her hand and the water dropped down into the lake. “Malfoy?!” she exclaimed her skin ghostly white in fear. She rose to her feet shakily. Her usually headstrong and confident self was now nothing but a memory.

Hermione could name quite a few times she had felt small, scared and afraid but now topped them all in her mind. Draco’s eyes met hers for a moment. “Well Granger I’m amazed. I thought I was the only one here with an element.” He said in a cold tone.

Hermione’s eyed him. “I didn’t ask to be like this Malfoy.” She said coldly. Her voice was icy but her eyes showed the fact that she wanted it kept a secret. After a moment what Draco said seemed to sink in to her mind. “Y-You control an element too?” she asked her eyes widened.

Draco nodded wearily extending his palm. With a wave of his hand a flame flickered to life and formed into a fairy. It fluttered over to Hermione before disappearing. Hermione’s chocolate brown eyes were wide as a small smile found its way over her face.

Draco turned away and started walking. “I’ll see you later… water witch.” And with that Hermione watched him walk away. The encounter actually… wasn’t bad. They weren’t friends. Never friends. But their hate didn’t seem as strong now.


In charms the next morning Hermione was trying her very hardest not to giggle. They were supposed to- with out wands- put out a candle. Draco smirked at his candle as the project was assigned.

As soon as eyes were off Hermione she imagined a small drop of water dousing her candle flame. The class turned to face her as the flame sizzled and went out. Eyes were on her as Malfoy’s candle also sizzled and went out. As everyone turned to look he and Hermione sent a secret smile across the room.

“Why are you smiling Hermione?” Ron asked. “Yeah usually when you do something right away you try to me all modest like.” Harry added his green eyes questioning. “Oh it’s… nothing.” Hermione said.

She hadn’t told anyone about her connections with an element. And she definitely wasn’t going to tell them about the encounter near the lake. Harry and Ron would go berserk if they knew she had lied to them and had a meeting with Draco Malfoy in the process.

“So would you two like to come to the library tonight with me?” she asked quickly changing the subject. “Quidditch.” Both of them replied. “Oh.” Hermione said softly.


Hermione was actually telling the truth that time. She was going to the library. She needed a book dealing with elements. She was walking quickly when a thought struck her. Malfoy was born in December. He always got his birthday gift December 13th. That would make him an ice element… unless he wasn’t born elemental.

She would have loved to ask but they were… less than friends. As she sat down at a table she heard voices whispering. “I tell you Blaise I’m fine!” one of the voices exclaimed. Hermione glanced up. She’d recognize the cocky voice anywhere.

“You’re killing yourself Draco!” Blaise replied angrily. “Look Blaise just leave me alone!” Draco’s temper was obviously on thin strands. Blaise stood up. “I’m looking out for you mate. Come find me when you cooled down.” Blaise said and left.

Hermione heard a fist slam on the table followed by a ‘Sh!’ from the librarian. Hermione curiously walked around a shelf to the table. Draco Malfoy sat with his head in his hands and scorch marks on the desk.

Hermione gripped his wrist and drug him out of the library into a deserted corridor not caring who saw them. “Look here mudblood!” The foul-tempered Draco warned. Hermione pointed a stern finger at him. “Don’t you dare ‘mudblood’ me you fool!” she exclaimed.

“FOOL?!” Draco shouted furiously. “Your not even out of school yet Malfoy~! You can’t control an element unnaturally!” She shouted her face flushing bright red. “Oh but you can?!” he shouted back a red glow surrounding his hands.
“I’m natural Malfoy! I was born like that!” She shouted. “You’ll kill yourself!” she said. Malfoy glared. “Everyone says that! Like I’m not good enough! I can do it! I don’t need your approval! I don’t need anyone’s!” he shouted as fire burst on his hands.

He stared at it fearfully as if just horror struck. Hermione’s eyes went wide. She cupped her hands over his. Smoke fizzled as water poured over his hands. Their eyes met each others briefly. Hermione winced seeing the burns on his hands.

“You need to see the nurse.” She said gently. “And what do you suppose I tell her?” Draco asked with apprehensive eyes. He winced as he attempted to move his hands. She rolled her eyes and led him to the hospital wing. “I’m on a leash!” he muttered on the way.

Hermione started acting panicky and rambling to Madame Pomfrey about how they were helping with the fire crabs and the spells to subdue them wore off. Draco grudgingly had has hands fixed and then drug Hermione to a deserted corridor ignoring her noises of frustration.

“You stop forcing me to do things mudblood.” He warned her. Hermione crossed her arms. “You’re infuriating!” he shouted throwing his hands up. “And your stuck up.” She replied coolly. Malfoy turned bright red in anger.

“You think you know everything.” He growled. How did she aggravate him so much? Nothing made him lose his temper like that! Not even that goody-two shoes Potter! “And you think your king of the world!” she exlcaimed and stormed off.


The door to the common room flew open. “Hermione where were you?!” Harry exclaimed. “W-What do you mean?” she asked faltering slightly. “We went to the library to find you.” Ron said.


Hermione’s caught in a lie, Draco’s confused and fire is flying ((literally))

~*~ Blair ~*~

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Another Pointless Post!

AH!!!!!! My older brother just commented one of my posts!!! He's 'ajutla' people, so there you go another pointless post by Padfoot!

Oh everyone read the book Coraline by Neil Gaiman. It's really great *cough* disturbing *cough*
You'll love it....ifyoulikecreepydistrurbing,gruesome,books....

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Fan Fiction: Within His Reach - By Me

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Disclaimer: It's not mine, it's J.K. Rolwing's!


It was almost as if we weren't there. We were jus hidden behind a delicate cloth, a black cloth, the veil. We were waiting, for the time our son would travel into the Department of Mysteries to let us leave. That day did come, and I watched by best friend fall through this veil, but I made sure that he couldn't see us...we watched him leave the veil, and reunite with my son.

So one could know that Lily and I had staged our deaths. It was a long bizzare tale, but we knew what was happening, and we made sure that we'd never leave Harry alone. We had to wait for the right time to leave the veil, in our Animagus forms. Mine is a stag, and Lily's is a Phoenix... There is a rule in the Department of Mysteries. If you passed through the veil by choice, the only way to leave is if a blood realitve enters the department.

This veil is strange unreachable, unrecognizable…and I stood and watched for years. I watched as my son fled with Hagrid from the ruins of our home, I watched him reached my sister-in-law, and her husband.

I saw my son being bullied and tormented for eleven years. Locked inside a cupboard, and even I, James Potter, would have never sunken so low as to lock a kid inside a cupboard. I watched as my son received no birthday gifts, as he was forced to be some sort of household slave.

No friends.

Just there.

Then the night came when Lily and I felt a surge of happiness. We saw, our Harry learn of his world. Learn he’d be a wizard, or the wizard who’d finally put a stop to this madness, concerning Tom Riddle A.K.A Voldermort.

That scene brought tears to my eyes. To Lily’s eyes.

We hadn’t gone through this for Harry to think himself as a nobody. No.

I just want to see him, be with him for one day, that’d be so incredible words couldn’t describe it.

Death. He’s seen it to many times. I hate watching him witness deaths after deaths. He seems to old for his age. Constantly on the look-out. A regular boy doesn’t have to worry about this. Yet he has. Although he isn’t a regular boy. He’s a Potter.

Here's my chance.

I can finnaly leave this veil, Lily at my side, and we can be with him at last.

I'm ready to leave now.

We're ready.

James glanced at his wife. She nodded to him, and the both transformed into there animagus seves, then they passed through the thin cloth, finnaly back into the wizarding world at last.


Chapter One

The lanturns in Hogwarts all flickered on, as night decended on the students. Almost everyone was asleep. Dumbledore sat in his office deep in thought. His fingers were pressed together in a steeple, and he sighed.

Dumbledore looked back down at the parchment on his desk. Today was the first day of term and his Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher had dissappeared. No one knew where he was, and Dumbledore needed someone to take the position before tommorow when the students began their classes.

He couldn't have another Ministry empolye take the postion, no there would not be another person like Umbridge. Umbridge had been horrible. He had recently discovered that she had made her students cut words into the back of their hands during her dententions. Harry Potter still had the words scard on his hand!

Dumbledore sighed, and absentmindly turned his quill over and over. He was trapped, there was no one for the job... well, there was Severus, but he wasn't suitable... Defeated he picked up his eagle feather quill, and dipped it inside his ink bottle, or emerald green. He began to write his letter to the ministry, when he heard it. BANG! Dumbledore frowned and heard footsteeps scuffing the stairs that led into his office. KNOCK! SLAM! BANG! The visitor seemed to have gotten up to his door, and they began to bang on the door.

"Come in, come in," said Dumbledore pleasantly.

The door swung open and two people ran inside. He couldn't see their faces, because they were in the shadows.

"Why hello," said Dumbledore his wand hanging losely at his side.

"Headmaster," said the voice of a young women, that Dumbledore had missed for years, and years. Startled Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak, his blue eyes looking almost dangerous, but the other figure cut him off, and stepped out from the shadows.

"Sir..." said the man, his voice shaking his nerves.

The man was tall. He had jet black hair, that was extremly messy. He had charming hazel eyes and his hand swept back through his hair, making it even more untidy.

Dumbledore dropped his wand, and stared into the man's hazel eyes. The man semmed to know what he was doing, but didn't do a thing. Dumbledore pushed himself into the man's mond, and flashes of memeories qwnt through his own mind.


He hurried through the halls of an elegant manor. His wand was gripped tightly in his hand. "Lily! It's him! Take Harry and run! Go! Now! I'll hold him off..." Then the memory changed. He was sitting on an armchair, staring into the flames. His hands were shaking violently. "James," said Lily sitting on the arm of the chair. "Harry just fell asleep," she informed her hisband. James just nodded. "James," Lily ventured again. "You do know that we are doing the right thing...right dear?" asked Lily quietly. James sighed and finnalt met his wife's brillaint green eyes.

"Lily, we'll be missing years of his life. Who know how long it will take him to journey to the Department of might never happen," he whispered. Lily frowned.

"Your right of course James, but we are better off this way. If we don't take this risk we'll die and he would never even have a chance of getting us back. This way there's hope," said Lily softly, her voice filled with emotion. Tears glistened in her emerald eyes. Jmes squeezed her hand.

"Lily, let's say...that it does work. People wouldn't believe that we are the real Lily and James Potter. Can't we tell Sirius, Remus, or Peter?" pleaded James.

"No, no one must know or it won't work. You never know. Peter could betray it to Voldermort, or Sirius could, or even Remus. We don't know which of them is the spy!" said Lily sharply.

"They'd never do that to me...I trust them all with my life an-" but he was cut of by a BANG! SLAM! The doors was being ripped off it's hinges.

"It's time James, get ready it's time to stage our deaths..." said Lily frightned out of her mind.

"C-Could I at least tell Harry that I-ll see him soo-"


"Alright..." muttered the Marauder.

He stood up. "Sonurus," he muttered.

He hurried through the halls of an elegant manor. His wand was gripped tightly in his hand. "Lily! It's him! Take Harry and run! Go! Now! I'll hold him off.."

~*~*~ (After the attack)

James stood up from the dusty floor, brushing his robes off. He sent up red sparks which signeled to his wife that he was alright. He saw green ones in the air, whch told him Lily was alright. The two apparated to the Department of Mysteries, an invisibilty charm on both of them. They couldn't be spotted now. They entered the death chamber, where the veil lay. The two exchanged glances and walked throguh...

Dumbledore withdrew himself from the memory, and looked at the two before him. The man was unmistakably James Potter. The women...had to be Lily. The vibrant red hair, the glimmering emerald green eyes...

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled.

"Welcome back..." he whispered and a smile spreaded across his face.


a/n the whole death thing with Lily and James will be clarified later,

~*~*~*~*Here it is~*~*~*~

James and Lily both beamed. Lily rushed forward and embraced the headmaster. She hugged him tightly, and let go a while later. James shook Dumbledore’s hand, but ended up hugging him too.

“Take a seat you too,” said Dumbledore his eyes twinkling. James and Lily did, they took the seats in front of the Headmaster’s desk. “It’s simply wonderful to see you. This is the last thing I’d expected,” said Dumbledore. “So you two staged your deaths?”

“Yes,” replied Lily, twisting a lock of her red hair around her finger.

“How, might I ask did you two know what would happen….?”asked Dumbledore with a slight frown.

“We knew Wormy was the spy,” said James with a sigh. “Headmaster this was 15 years ago, please…I don’t really enjoy talking about what happened that night…” murmured James.

“Why yes, of course,” said Dumbledore understandingly. He glanced down at his desk and looked at the letter he had begun to the ministry. He looked at it thoughtfully for a few minutes, and then looked at the Potter’s.

“You two do realize that we can’t tell Harry that your alive. At least not now,” said the headmaster.

“WHAT!!??” screamed both Lily and James.

“Why can’t I see my son!?” Lily fumed.

“This is unfair Albus, we haven’t seen him since he was a year old, how can you do this?” asked James sharply.

“As I am sure you two are aware Sirius has recently returned from the veil. Harry has the prophesy hanging over his head, lessons, extra training, Quidditch practice, Quidditch captain duties-” James grinned broadly as he heard those last two. “Prefect duties, which Mr. Weasley handed over to him, animagus lessons with Minerva-“ James beamed again, and Lily smiled. “Occlumency and Legilmency lessons-“ Lily took in a small breath of delight. She had been born with the talent of Legilmency, and her son had it too James also had the talent. “Searching for a different spell that could help him kill Voldermort, and wandless magic lessons.”

James and Lily gaped at the headmaster, thinking about all the things there son had to do.

“Oh and then there is the fact that he starts to panic when he is in dark, enclosed places,” said Dumbledore sadly.

“What? Why?” asked James confused. He took Lily’s hand, and squeezed it.

“He had a run in with death eaters this summer and they locked him up in a pitch black room, with no means of escape. They trapped a demantor in there with him,” said Dumbledore quietly. Lily had tears in her eyes, and James looked grave.

“So…what do we do if I can’t see Harry… Could I see Sirius or Remus?” James asked hopefully.

“No, I think it’s best if they don’t know. They spend so much time with Harry they might accidentally hint him about you. By all means if Harry figures out who you are that’s fine,” said Dumbledore calmly.

“Well…” said James with a sigh.


“Alright,” they said together looking crest fallen.

“It will, be alright you too. He’ll know soon, you just have to wait for now,” said Dumbledore soothingly. Lily nodded stiffly, but James spoke.

“So you’re the only one who will know about us?” he asked.

“No. I will inform Minerva McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, and Severus Snape,” said Dumbledore.

“SNAPE!” yelled James, standing up. “What does Snape have to do with this! He’s not even here! I’m sure Harry’s never met that slime ball,” replied James in a sharp voice.

“He’s the potions master here James. He teaches here and hates Harry because of you,” said Dumbledore.

Lily kicked her husband from under the table. “See! I knew that your tormenting Snape would have it’s consequences, no he hates our son! Just peachy!” said Lily looking disgusted.

“Merlin! Lil-“ began James but he stopped because Dumbledore cut him off.

“Yes, anyways…wait…” he looked at James thoughtfully, then at Lily. “James…seeing as you are here…and you would want to be close to your son…could I interest you in the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position?” asked the Headmaster hopefully. James hesitated.

Teaching wasn’t the career for him. He had been one of the ministry’s top aurors along with his Lily. He had also been offered the seeker and chaser positions in many professional Quidditch teams, but he had never considered teaching. True Defense Against the Dark Arts would be easy for him…

“Well…alright…I’ll do it,” he said finnaly.

“Excellent!” said Dumbledore brightly. He thought for a moment. “Lily would you be interested in teaching…Arithmency?” asked Dumbledore.

Lily paused and reflected on that subject. Aritmency and Charms were her to top subjects when she was in school.

“Sure, might as well,” she said with a shrug.

“Good…good…Now I need someone to do extra training…and defense with Harry…” began Dumbledore looking directly at James.

“I’ll do it!” he said at once.

Dumbledore smiled. “Someone to work on his Legilmency and Occlumency,” he said looking at Lily now.

“I’ll do that!” she said happy that she’d be able to spend more time with her son.

Dumbledore beamed. “Now all we have to settle is your appearances and sleeping quarters, and lounge,” said the Headmaster.

“Our…appearances…?” asked James confused.

“Yes, so Harry won’t recognize you. He had pictures of you, he would know. James I think you’ll be fine…just wear contacts, and maybe try to get your hair lie flat,” said Dumbledore.

“I can do the contacts, but my hair never lies flat, it’s the Potter curse,” he said with a laugh.

“Lily, we’ll have to change your appearance,” said the Headmaster standing up. He walked to one of his shelves, where he had bottles of potions. He took a small leather bag, and took a potion from the shelf.

“Duplicato,” he muttered, and a dozn on the potions appeared in the bag. Dumbledore closed the bag, and carried one potion to Lily.

“You’ll need to drink this when you go out in public. When your with me, Minerva, Severus, Flitwick, or James you don’t need to use it. It will make your hair a light brown, and your eyes will be a light green,” said Dumbledore. “W hen you want to resume your regular appearance drink the counter potion, which is in your bag.”

Dumbledore handed the potion bag to Lily. Lily took it, and sighed. “I suppose it’s for the best. Our names?” she questioned.

“Yes. Lily, you’ll need to change your first name changed. Any ideas?” he asked. Lily frowned slightly. She looked at James. He thought for a moment.

“Addriane? My sister was named Addriane, but she died when I was seventeen,” said James.

“Yes, Addriane. That’s fine. Last name… Johnson…” he said thoughtfully. Lily sighed.

“I like Potter better,” she complained, but Dumbledore only smiled. “James, you can keep your first name-” James smiled triumphantly, and Lily muttered.

“Not fair!”

“Your last name shall be Johnson also since you two are married,” said Dumbledore.

“James Johnson,” said James. “Agh! Sounds weird,” he said with a sigh.

“It’s an alliteration,” said Lily knowledgably.

“What’s an alliteration?” asked James curiously. Lily smiled slightly.

“Oh, muggle stuff,” she said.

“Now, I think you two ought to head up to bed-” began the Headmaster, but James interrupted him.

“Where’s our dorms?” he asked curiously.

“Do you two remember where the Head boy and girl’s lounge and dormitories are from your 7th year?”

“Yes,” they replied together.

“Well, now it’s your living quarters,” said Dumbledore his eye twinkling.

“Oh, okay. Goodnight Albus,” said James standing up.

“See you in the morning!” said Lily taking her husbands hand.

The headmaster nodded to them, and the two former students left the office quietly.

Chapter 2

Ronald Weasley pulled back the curtains of the window, and sunlight filtered through the room. “GET UP MATE!” yelled Ron. “We need to get down for breakfast. Classes are today remember?” asked Ron, impatiently waiting for the raven haired boy, that lay fast asleep on his bed.

Harry Potter opened his eyes, and groaned. He had classes, he was so busy this year, the thought of the workload made him sick. “Okay, okay,” he said with a sigh. Reluctantly Harry got up and got ready for the day. Finally dressed in his uniform his black school robes on he swung his bag over his shoulder and made his way down the dormitory stairs.

Harry Potter was sixteen years old. He had changed drastically since his fifth year. He was not the same boy that would lose his temper almost every minute. No, he was different. He didn’t speak very often, even with his friends. The words of the prophesy would ring through his mind almost everyday. Then over the summer…when the deatheaters had trapped him… No I will not thing about that now…

Sighing, he entered the common room, and blinked. The lights were out completely. The room was pitch black. He couldn’t see the door. He was trapped. Trapped in the darkness Harry clutched the railing of the steps. He closed his eyes, but then the events of the summer whirled in his wand. He couldn’t see…it was happening again…the demantor, the screaming, the tears, the torture, the darkness… Breathing heavily, Harry slumped against the wall, feeling sick, then he heard a voice.

“Harry! Oh, Harry?” said the voice of Ginerva Weasley. He couldn’t see her, but he could hear her. Ginny took out her wand and muttered come charm, and the lights of the common rom turned on. Ginny took one look at Harry, and worry filled her brown eyes.

“Oh, Harry! We forgot to put the lights back on for you! I’m so sorry,” she squealed taking his hand and pulling him upright. “Are you alright?” asked Ginny.

“Yeah…yeah…I…I-I’m fine…” lied Harry. “L-Let’s just get to breakfast…” said Harry.


“Come on luv, Dumbledore wants us at the staff meeting now!” said Lily, holding her bag, which she had the course books, and lesson plans that she planned on using for their lessons. She had done it last night, where as James chose to do it in the morning. Lily tapped her foot impatiently. “James!” she called.

Lily looked entirely different compare to her regular self. She had soft, silky, shoulder length, light brown hair. Her usual brilliant green eyes were toned down to a much lighter shade. Lily hated this appearance, she preferred her regular self…but no…she’d have to out up with this. James said that he liked it, but Lily didn’t care.

James came out of the study a few seconds later. He wore long black robes, and his hazel eyes ere not hidden behind his glasses. You could see them perfectly. He ran a hand through his hair, and shoved some pages of parchment into his bag, which was lying on the dining table.

“Done!” he said brightly. “Come on Lils, my flower we are going to be late. Makes a bad impression,” said James matter-a-factly. Lily opened her mouth to retort, but ended up hitting him in the back of the head.

“Ouch! Lils!” complained James, as the exited the portrait, which was a Phoenix. They headed to Dumbledore’s office. They were meeting up with Snape, McGonagall, and Flitwick. Lily carried the counter potion to her looks in her bag. James had his glasses with him too.

“Er…what’s the password Lils?” asked James.

“I don’t know!” said Lily with a sigh.

“Chocolate Frogs!” tried James. Nothing.

“Sherbet Lemon!” tried Lily. Nothing.

“Cauldron Cakes?” tried James. Nothing.

“Sugar Quills!” tried Lily. It worked.

“Ha!” gloated Lily, and James rolled his eyes. The couple stopped in front of the door.

“Take the potion Lils,” said James, as he took out his contacts, and put on his glasses. Lily nodded, and took out a small bottle from her bag. She drank a little of it, and her appearance changed almost instantly. James took her hand, and they opened the door.

Inside they saw the three teachers, and the headmaster. Minerva had her eyebrows raised and seemed to be questioning the headmaster. Snape looked like he had just been shouting, but Flitwick looked calm nodding to the headmaster.

“Snivulous!” growled James, glaring daggers at the greasy haired potion master. Snape whirled around his eyes glinting dangerously.

“POTTER!?” he growled. “It’s really true. Your dead!” he yelled.

“If I was dead Snivulous, you’d think I’d stop walking around. I’ve heard that you’ve been treating my son very-” but Lily stepped out of the shadows and squeezed his hand.

“It’s not worth it James,” she murmured.

Snape stared open mouthed at Lily, but before James or Lily could say anything McGonagall swooped in on them.

“Lily! James!” she said her hand over her mouth. “It’s really you!” she said embracing them each tightly in turn. “How?” asked Minerva curiously.

Lily sighed.

“Long story professor,” said Lily smiling happily.

“Call me Minerva, Lily,” said Minerva with an unmistakable smile. Lily nodded.

“Ah Mr. Potter…I think Filch still has yours and Mr. Black’s detention records,” said Minerva with another smile.

“Really?” asked James excited. “Brilliant! Wait…why did you call Lily by her first name, and Sirius and I by our lasts?”

“True, True. I’m just used to saying it, seeing how many detentions you got,” said Minerva.

Flitwick looked so excited he was nearly bouncing up and down with joy, when he greeted them.

After the professors reacquainted they headed down to the great hall. Lily had taken her potion, and James put his contacts back in.

James and McGonagall were in deep discussion about Harry and his Transfiguration.

“He has the potential James, it’s just that he has so much on his mind,” said McGonagall kindly. “He certainly does have your talent, though,” she said. James nodded understanding.

“…Dumbledore told me that you were teaching him to become an animagus. Any chance I might assist you. I mean he is my son, and I haven’t seen-“ but McGonagall cut him off.

“Certainly, I think that will work. Sirius, now that his name is cleared will be helping me too.”

“Sirius? Cleared…? What happened?” asked James thoroughly confused.

“We’ll have to fill these two in on current events this evening,” said Dumbledore, now joining the conversation. Meanwhile Lily and Flitwick were talking.

“So, is Harry a natural at Charms, like I was?” asked Lily excitedly.

“Yes, he is actually. He scored an O on his O.W.L examination in Charms. Then in his fourth year, he did a summoning charm from the grounds. It was wonderful! He summoned his broom from his dormitory, and it worked brilliantly! Of course he did need it being a Hogwarts Champion in the Tri-Wizard tournament,” said F litwick.

“HE WAS IN THE TRI-WIZARD TORNERMENT!?” Lily practically yelled, in shock.

Then she heard Dumbledore say,

“We’ll have to fill these two in on current events this evening.”

Lily opened her mouth, but they entered the Great Hall. The hall looked exactly how James and Lily remembered it. Students were pouring in, so the staff quickly took their seats at the front table.


Harry and Ginny entered the Great Hall. Ginny was still shooting Harry apprehensive looks.

“Gin, I told you I’m fine!” said Harry exasperatedly.

“Alright, alright! I was just checking,” she said softly. Harry shook his head in disbelief, and entered the Great Hall. They took seats at the Gryffindor House Table, and looked up at the staff table. There were twp new teachers sitting there.

One had soft brown hair, that went to her shoulders. She had light green eyes. The other had hazel, and messy black hair. Harry was instantly reminded of his father, but then realized that James Potter wore glasses. Both of the new professors were looking at him. They were both quite young

Harry looked away feeling uncomfortable.

Dumbledore rose to his seat, and the hall fell silent.

“I would like to announce two new staff appointments. Please Welcome Adrianne Johnson, who will be replacing professor Vector, in Arithmency,” the witch smiled warmly at the students. She kept gazing at Harry though, a smile on her face.

“Now, please welcome James Johnson, who will be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher,” said Dumbledore gesturing to the wizard. James grinned at the students, and a few older girls began to giggle. He was (in Hermione and Ginny’s opinion) very handsome.

Harry turned back to his best friends. They each looked quite different this year.

Hermione no longer had bushy hair. She had gotten it straightened out, and right now it was tied up in an elegant bun, and she had pushed to oriental chopsticks through them. She was very pretty.

Ron had grown even more over the summer, and to Harry’s disappointment was still taller than him.

Ginny was now almost a member of their group. Still, the trio would always be the closest, but they liked her all the same. She was also very good looking. Like Hermione, tody she had tied her hair up. She had passed an ornamental butterfly pin through her silky hair. A single lock fell into her eyes, and made her look even more stunning.

McGonagall walked down the table passing out schedules, and Harry glanced at Ron and Hermione. They were in a heated argument. Nothing unusual.

“Honestly Ronald, if you’d just wear a badge!”

“Why would I want to join spew?”

“You and Harry joined in fourth year! Besides in not spew it’s-“

“What? Something stupid like Stop Pitiful Elf Wars or something weird like that.”


“5 points from Gryffindor Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley. No need to shout in the Great Hall,” said McGonagall, as she placed their schedules down. Hermione flushed slightly, and looked down. She had never been told off like that by a teacher. More importantly, her favorite teacher. Ron just nodded, still glaring at Hermione.

Harry rolled his eyes. Hermione and Ron were meant to be together. When they would become a couple? He didn’t know.

“Can’t you two just kiss and get on with it?” asked Ginny looking only slightly amused. Hermione flushed even more, and Ron’s ears turned red. Harry and Ginny exchanged looks, and burst into laughter.

“It’s! Not! Funny! You! Two!” said Ron stiffly. Ginny and Harry laughed even harder at this.

“You two fight like an old married couple,” said Ginny, and Harry laughed so much he had to clutch the stitch that had formed in his side. Hermione swallowed hard, and looked determinedly at her schedule.

“We have Defense Against the Dark Arts first….ah good. Our N.E.W.T one. We have it with each house….Merlin! Defense with Malfoy,” said Hermione sadly.

“Let’s just hope he was stupid enough to fail his O.W.Ls!” said Ron, steadily regaining his usual composure.

Ginny sighed.

“It’s not fair, I have SNAPE FIRST! Double Potions with the Slytherin’s,” she said practically whining. “Better go now, Snape loves to dock points off of me. Bye Harry!” she said smiling at him. She glanced at the others. “You too,” and she walked off. Hermione sniggered.

“Mate, I think Ginny still likes you. She broke up with Dean Thomas you know. Frankly, I can’t think of one person I’d like dating my sister, more than you,” said Ron thoughtfully. Harry cleared his throat, turning slightly red.

“Come on! Er… Defense next. I want to see how good this Professor Johnson is,” said Harry getting up.

A/N You will find more about what happened to Harry over the summer, and how Sirius returned in the next chapter. This one was just here to give you some information about what’s going on with the trio and what not. I was originally going to have the Defense lesson in here, but I figured I needed to update. I know it’s not very good, but I’d love it if you would review.

Chapter 3

James sat down at the staff table, when he entered the hall. He sighed, and glanced at the Gryffindor table, he was almost sure Harry belonged to that house. He heard the scraping of a chair, and glanced up, and saw Lily take the seat next to him. She was also staring at the house table, her hand sat on the table, and she trembled ever so slightly. James knew she even more nervous then he was.

Right now he felt that a dozen hippogriphs were stampeding over him, and a dragon was approaching. Of course, it was quite a feeling. James sighed, and moved his hand from his lap, and onto her hand.

The doors swung open, and James’s hazel eyes and Lily’s new light eyes darted over at once.

Yes. There he was. There was no mistake, he was defiantly Harry Potter.
He looked almost identical to James, except had green eyes. Bright green eyes, Lily’s eyes. He was very skinny, and pale though, Dumbledore had said something about an accident over the summer… He wore glasses on his nose, but looked slightly old for his age.

James noticed he had his wand in his hand, and he frequently surveyed the hall, as is trying to spot something wrong, unnatural. James took a quick glance at Lily, and saw she had tears in her eyes, but smiled slightly. James squeezed her hand gently and turned his attention back to Harry.

He was sitting with red headed girl, red headed boy, and a girl with light brown hair. James and Lily had no clue who those three were, but they came to the conclusion that they were probably his best friends.

The couple watched them talk for a while, but their eyes were focused on Harry. Suddenly Harry turned around and looked James directly in the eyes. He seemed to be surveying him because he looked him up and down. James smiled weakly at him, and he received a faint one back. Then Harry looked at Lily. He looked at her the same way, and smiled ever so slightly, then turned back.

“Well, I suppose we’ve passed our first test,” said Lily thoughtfully, reaching over for a piece of toast.

“Test?” asked James confused.

“Honestly James. Could you be dafter?” asked Lily, chuckling.

“Er…” he said frowning, then Lily’s words seemed to have registered, and he glared at her, then corners of his mouth twitching.

“I’ll have you know Lils, I was Head Boy, with you marks in every class, and an auror. Now, Ms. I-Know-Everything…tell me what happened to the famous beater Ludo Bagman,” said James, teasing her.

“How would I know that James? I mean, I’m not the one who goes to almost every Quidditch match,” said Lily, shaking her head.

“Not every,” protested James triumphantly. “I didn’t go to that one…what was it? Ah. Scotland verses Ireland…” said James sadly. “It was supposed to be one great game,” he said. Lily rolled her eyes, and coughed something that sounded like, “Obsessed.”

James seemed to decide to take it as a compliment, for he didn’t say a thing. Instead, he kissed her very quickly on her hand, she giggled slightly.

“Potter,” said a voice from behind them. James turned around, and saw Snape sitting down next to him.

“What!? Sit somewhere else Snivellus,” said James heatedly.

“I wish I could Potter, but there is no open seats,” he said. “I’ll tell you I didn’t want to sit next to you, an arrogant, self-centered, stupid, no good,” began Snape, but before James could say anything Lily rounded on him.

She brushed back her now light brown hair, and looked him up and down.

“Well Severus, I believe you have made your poi-“ but she was cut off.

“Merlin Lily, I don’t know why you married an idiot like your husband, I mean there were plenty of others but you picked the worst one of them all,” said Snape coolly.

“Shut up, if you know what’s good for you Snivellus. You know I hate you, I’m just a filthy mudblood to you huh? You were always the slimy, greasy git! I had to pretend not to agree with James, when he insulted you. Let me tell you something Snivellus, your useless, a complete idiot. I mean, sure I was foolish, I befriended you in first and second year, but Merlin I still hated you. Now Snivellus, you better not insult, embarrass, discipline my son, for no good reason. If you so much as take a point off of him just because he’s a Potter, I swear I’ll report you to the Headmaster. Now, if you excuse me,” said Lily standing up.

Snape was staring at her with an odd expression, his eyes slightly wide. James’s jaw was dropped, and he looked at his wife with amazement, almost pride.

“Come on James, time for lessons,” Lily growled.

“Aright Li-”

“It’s Adrianne now, or Addy. Class will start soon,” reminded Lily in a low voice.

“Alright Addy,” said James, standing up. “Well, good Day Snivilous,” said James sarcastically, walking with his wife from the hall.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione all filed inside the classroom, of Professor Johnson. Harry hoped that this teacher wasn’t like Umbridge. Merlin, he still had ‘I will not tell lies’ etched on the back of his hand.

The room, was set up a lot like how Lupin used to have it. In the front of the classroom, there was cage, covered up by a cloth. There was a dark wooden desk, and a comfortable chair sat in front of it. There were shelves of books, lining the wall, each title doing with Defense. There were desks around the classroom. It was shaped so there was a large space in the center. The name ‘Professor James Johnson’ was written on the board, in tidy letters.

The trio took seats, at the front. Hermione began placing her books out on the table, along with her wand, ink, parchment, and quill. Harry and Ron sighed, and began to follow her when the door swung open, and the bell rang.

Professor Johnson smiled warmly at the class, and made his way to the front of the room. He began roll call. When he reached to Harry’s name, Harry prepared for the famous flickering eyes to his scar.

“Harry Potter,” said Professor Johnson, looking up.

“Here,” called Harry looked at the teacher. To his amazement the teacher only nodded, and continued to through the call.

“Merlin, this one seems a bit different,” muttered Ron.

“Yeah, he didn’t even look at my scar,” said Harry, looking oddly at Professor Johnson.

“Well, I think it’s rather a nice change,” said Hermione thoughtfully.

Professor Johnson, finished the role call. He glanced around and pulled off his robe, leaving a muggle forest green shirt, and cotton black pants. Casually he threw his robes over his chair, and sat down on the edge of the desk. Hermione raised her eyebrows. In her opinion that was not the behavior a teacher should use. Ron and Harry exchanged grins, but didn’t speak.

“Good Morning Class,” said Johnson brightly.

“Good Morning Professor Johnson,” they chanted. Johnson frowned slightly.

“Honestly, I don’t like people chanting at me. I don’t want you to say it like that. Your all individuals, so you should have your own way of greeting me. Now let’s try that again. Good Morning!”

The class all grinned and replied.



“Lovely Weather.”

“What’s so good about today?”

Johnson laughed, at this, and beamed.

“Alright, now it is my understanding that you have had a new teacher every year. Am I correct?” asked James.

There was a general murmur of agreement.

“Let’s see. Quirrel, Lockhart-” Johnson shook his head in disbelief when he said that one. “Remus Lupin….? Ah,” he grinned, but continued. “Alastor Mood, fine auror he was…and Umbridge. Okay according from the information I have gathered. I’d say that Remus Lupin is by far the best.”

Harry nodded fervently. This teacher seemed to be pretty good…there was just one thing about him…

“Well then, Before we start on today’s lesson, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is James Johnson. My wife, is the new Arithmency teacher, Adrianne Johsnon. I used to be an auror. I love Quidditch. I was a star seeker and chaser. Those are my favorite positions. Let’s see here…” James walked over to the cage, and uncovered it. He revealed, small pretty looking bird. It was gold, and chirped. The class looked at him in amazement. He had about four.

“Is that a Snidget?” asked Harry, without raising his hand. He gaped at them. “Wow!” he said smiling.

“Yes, it is Mr. Potter. I believe Professor McGonagall told me that you are Quidditch Captain and Seeker. Is that right?” asked Johnson smiling at him.

“Yes sir,” said Harry weakly, looking at the birds in awe.

“Snidgets. Amazing creatures, great for seekers as well. The Golden Snitch used to be a Snidget, but to many died, so they invented the ball,” said Johnson. He conjured up a small cage, with golden bars running across it. He opened the cage, and the Snidget hoped onto Johnson’s hand, and stayed stationary, as the teacher lifted it out, and placed him into the small cage he had conjured. Johnson closed the door of the cage, and placed it on his desk.

“Well…let’s see. I was Head Boy-“ Hermione looked at him with a higher level of respect. “I was in Gryffindor…I’m related to…well I’m heir of Godric Gryffindor-“ Harry, Ron, and Hermione exchanged looks of awe, and people in the class began to murmur.

“I have a phoenix, named Godric. He is currently in the Headmaster’s office, but he will be here for our next lesson. Oh, don’t call me Professor Johnson, sounds weird. Call me Johnson, or James whatever suits you. But only in the classroom,” he said. “Well, that’s the important stuff,” said Johnson. He walked to the center of the room.

“Now, here we go. Books, quills, and parchment back in your bags please. Today we are having a practical lesson,” he said.

The sounds of bags being opened, and put away filled the room. People talked excitedly.

“Alright then,” said Johnson, when everyone had stopped talking and were now looking at him.

“Now how many of you ever been in a mock duel?” Johnson asked the class, twirling his wand in his fingers.

Harry distantly remembered the dueling club in 2nd year. He put up his hand, so did half the class.

“Good, good,” said Johnson. He thought for a moment. “How many of you have ever dueled dark wizards. Deatheaters, people like that,” he said to the room.

No one moved, and finally Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Luna raised their hands. After all they had dueled with deatheaters in the Department of Mysteries.

Johnson nodded, and looked at them carefully. He walked to his desk, and scribbled their names onto parchment,

“Yes. Now, has anyone here besides myself, ever dueled with Voldermort?” he asked softly. The class began to gasp, and shriek when he said the name.

“Honestly,” muttered both Harry, and to his surprise Johnson.

“Again. Has anyone here besides myself, ever dueled with Voldermort?” He ignored the shrieks, and Harry raised his hand into the air. There was a long silence, and Johnson nodded, to him and wrote something down on the parchment.

“Now, Mr. Potter could you tell me, in your opinion one of the most frightening things when you duel a dark wizard?” asked Johnson. Harry frowned slightly, and thought about it. Finally he chose his answer, picking his words carefully.

“You could be dueling a wizard, with much more knowledge than you. He or she could know many dark spells. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You have got to be ready,” said Harry softly. “You don’t know when an unforgivable will be thrown at you…you don’t know when a death curse will be headed your way.”

There was another silence, after Harry’s speech, and Johnson nodded once more.

“15 points to Gryffindor. Thank you Harry,” said Johnson.

It felt slightly strange for a teacher to call him by his first name, but Lupin had done that before.

“Now, can anyone tell me the most important thing in a duel?” asked Johnson. Sveral hands flew into the air, Hermione’s among them. Johnson checked his roster.

“Yes Miss. Granger,” said Johnson.

“Your wand,” said Hermione knowledgably.

“No,” said Johnson clearly. Ron and Harry’s jaw dropped. Hermione Granger get something wrong? Never before…Hermione looked taken a back, but didn’t say anything.

Harry raised his hand, and Johnson nodded to him.

“Your wit…?” he asked slowly.

“Yes!” said Johnson grinning. “Your right. You need to be fast, think ahead of your opponent!” he said.

“Next lesson, we’ll be having a mock dueling championship. It will take a few lessons, but I’ll set up a dueling chamber for us,” said Johnson. At that moment the bell rang, signaling the end of the lesson. People began to pack up, and Johnson said over the noise.

“Homework. Make sure you can stun, and create a simple defense shield by next lesson. Harry could I have a word?” asked Johnson. Harry nodded, and slung his bag onto his shoulder, and approached the desk.

“Harry,” Johnson lowered his voice. “The Headmaster told me that you are to take extra defense lessons with a trainer. Well he asked me to do it,” said Johnson. “Is that fine with you?”

Harry thought. Johnson seemed to be a very good teacher.

“Yes, of course,” he said. “When do I start?”

“Tonight Room of Requirement. 7:00,” he said. Harry nodded and made to leave, but the teacher called out to him again.


“Yes sir?”

Johnson picked up the single Snidget in the cage, from his desk and walked over. He pressed it into Harry’s hands. Harry gave him a questioning look, and the teacher spoke.

“Well you are the youngest Seeker in a Centaury,” and he left the classroom with a smile, leaving an awestruck Harry in his wake.

Chapter 4

Harry finally smiled, as he laid the caged Snidget on the small, table which was placed besides his bed. The golden feathers glittered when it caught the sunlight which poured through the window. It was such a small bird, but very beautiful. He could close his eyes and imagine it zooming about while people chased it on broomsticks.

“One good Defense Professor eh mate?” asked Ron, coming up the staircase which led from the Gryffindor common room to the 6th Year’s boy’s dormitories.

“Very good,” agreed Harry slightly distracted.

“Merlin, where did you get the Snidget? They are really rare, when Johnson showed it to us that was the first time I’ve ever seen one. Don’t tell me you’ve had one all along, where have you been hiding it under your bed?” asked Ron awestruck, but Harry noticed that his face was slightly red.

“Never mind that,” said Harry waving away the question for now. “You look like someone’s just been singing a round of the Slytherin’s version of ‘Weasley is our King!’” said Harry choosing his words carefully.

“It’s…well…er…Hermione-uh- well…um…” said Ron falling over his words.

“Go on,” encouraged Harry sitting at the bottom of his bed.

“She…er…well…-um do you know Terry Boot in Ravenclaw?” asked Ron fingering a hole in his bedspread.

“Yes, he was in D.A. remember?” said Harry slowly. Ron nodded, and his ears turned red.

“Well…he…um…asked her out,” muttered Ron, Harry’s jaw dropped.

“Merlin,” he murmured.

“So then Hermione said yes. When he left, all she could talk about was Boot so…she…er..I…” he stumbled again, and threw up his hands. “Oh, I don’t know! I’m going to take a shower,” and he left.

Harry leaned back on his bed. Everything was so different. Hermione…and Terry? No, that wasn’t right. Ron and Hermione were meant to be, just like his parents, Lily and James. Harry looked at a framed photo sitting on his bedside table. Remus had given it to him, before that…whole affair in the summer.

The picture portrayed Lily and James Potter. They were at a park, and it was Autumn. Leaves of different colors were falling slowly to the ground. James was twirling Lily in his arms, and Harry was sure that if the picture could make noise Lily would have been laughing. James and Lily waved enthusiastically at him…and then he fell asleep…


The room was damp. It was small, so small, Harry could barely move, his body was curled up, his arms wrapped tightly around his knees. The doors were shut, the room was pitch black and Harry’s breathing became ragged. Then the door, creaked open ever so slightly, and something glided inside.

Harry didn’t have to open his eyes to realize what it was. The cold filled his body, and he shivered as the door closed again. He forced himself not to cry… as he relived Sirius’s pass through the veil…his parents death…Remus mourning over Sirius… the memorial made for Sirius…it was all to much the demantor was filling him with horrors.

Then he let go of it all, and tears began to flow freely down his cheeks, his body racked with sobs, and he heard his mother’s screaming and his father’s final instructions to her.

“Harry, please not Harry. Kill me instead! Please. Have mercy…no please….HARRY PLEASE NO! I’LL DO ANYTHING!”

“Lily, take Harry and run! Go! Now! I’ll hold him off!”

“Want to kill me Potter?”

“We both know I can’t do that Tom, but I’ll help my son out that’s for sure.”

“Stand aside. Stand aside you silly girl!”



The second jet of red light, hit Sirius straight in the chest, and he fell through the veil. It took him an age to fall…


No one answered him, and Harry ran towards the veilk, and Lupin grabbed his around the chest.

“There’s nothing you can do Harry-“

“Get him, save him, he’s only just gone through!”

“It’s too late Harry-“

“We can still reach him-“

“There’s nothing you can do, Harry…nothing…He’s gone.”
“He hasn’t gone!”

“He can’t come back Harry because he’s d-“



“Come out, come out, little Harry! What did you come here for, then? I thought you were here to avenge my dear cousin!”

“Aaaaaah…did you you love him, little baby Potter?”

“Crucio!” yelled Harry.

“Kreacher lied,” stated the Headmaster.

“Like the fact that the person Sirius cared most about in the world was you. Like the fact that you were coming to regard Sirius as a mixture of a father and brother.”

“There will be a memorial Harry, to celebrate Sirius’s life.”

“He’s cleared of all charges.”

Harry sighed, and approached Lupin’s bedroom, but paused and he peeked inside. There was only a small crack in the door. His room was a mess, and Lupin sat in the bed his head in his hands. His shoulders were shaking, and he looked up, not knowing Harry was there. His eyes were red, and tears were pouring down his face. He looked so upset…Lupin was remembering the days that he had shared with his best friends… the man who had became an animagus for him was gone… Lupin let out a muffled cry, and Harry slide to the floor.

“Still crying over the dead convict are you?”

“Don’t you dare Malfoy.”

“You mustn’t dwell on the past Harry, and forget to live in the present.”

“Vernon…I think there is something seriously wrong with the boy,” said Petunia to her husband. “Look at him! He’s lost so much weight, and he hardly eats. He collapsed, fainted at Mrs. Figgs.”

“You could be right Petunia. Bet his godfather died. Ha! That would be brilliant, he wouldn’t threaten us anymore.”

Harry looked into the Mirror of Erised. He saw himself, and behind him was James and Lily Potter, but now next to James was Sirius Black. He saw Remus, James, and Sirius all together in an embrace. But life would never be like that to Harry…he could never get this...

The memories swirled up inside Harry, and he barely noticed that pain was leaking through his body. Harry shivered, and he could barely breathe. The room was to small…the deaths… Days had passed. Many days, he lost his sense of time. Someone from above yelled.

“CRUCIO!” Harry writhed on the ground, and the curse was used over and over. He was no more than a bloody mess. While he heard the deatheaters cackling, and his mother’s screams in the back of his head…he noticed something looming into the room, the deatheaters didn’t seem to notice.

The black fur. The dog. The Grim. Yet, not just any. Snuffles? Padfoot? Sirius…no the demantor was driving him mad… but the dog loomed forward. Skinny, weak, but it nuzzled against Harry’s arm. Harry screamed in pain, as the unforgiavable curse hit him once more, but the dog pressed himself against Harry, and transformed into…


“HARRY!” yelled someone from above.

Harry wasn’t waking, he was trashing about on the bed shaking, yelling, screaming.

“Hermione!” said Ron, going pale. “Hermione, go get someone a teacher, now!” Hermione didn’t need telling twice she ran from the room, and Ron kneeled by his friends bed. His arm was bleeding, but how could he have been injured in his sleep. Ron frowned, and threw off the quilt that covered Harry. He gasped. Harry was in his school uniform…but it was blood soaked. How? What? Ron muttered something that he defiantly wouldn’t have said in front of Hermione. Ron watched as a cut suddenly appeared on Harry’s left cheek, almost out of no where.

“Merlin,” moaned Ron, feeling helpless.

He heard people running up the stairs. Hermione appeared with Dumbledore, McGonagall, James Johnson, and Adrianne Johnson. McGonagall gasped, when she saw Harry, and she held a hand to her heart. Adrianne’s light green eyes widened, and she fell back against the wall for a moment, and then hurried forward. Johnson’s expression became stony, and he went pale, walking over to Harry. Dumbledore rushed forward at once, and began poking Harry with his wand, mumbling different spells. It didn’t work. He wouldn’t wake.

“WHY IS HE BLEEDING!?” screamed Ron, and Hermione at the same time. Hermione was in tears.

“He’s suffering from a…a dream attack…” said Dumbledore.

Chapter Four

A/N Okay, when there is a perspective with the trio, and Ginny, James will be referred to as Johnson, Lily as Adriane. When the chapter is in Lily and James’s perspective they will have their normal names…

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘A DREAM ATTACK!’” screamed Lily, and James.

“My child-“ began Lily, but then she spotted Ron and Hermione staring at her. “I mean my student is having a dream attack,” said Lily rushing forward and stroking Harry’s hair, like a mother would do.

“I think Mr. Weasley, Miss. Granger, should go tell Poppy to reserve a bed in the hospital wing,” said McGonagall softly.

“Yes,” said Ron, weakly frowning at Lily and Harry.

“I suppose…” said Hermione slowly. She shook her head, and pulled Ron’s arm, leading him down the steps to the common room. Dumbledore closed the door, and Lily began to cry as she watched her son getting attacked. She held him tightly in her arms, still stroking his hair. James was as pale as a ghost, and went to Harry’s other side, putting a hand on his shoulder, whispering reassuring words to his wife.

“Lily…your disguise has worn off,” said Dumbledore.

“I don’t care!” snapped Lily, her face tear streaked. “Oh, I’m so sorry Harry…my Harry…my son…” she whispered into his ear. Minutes passed, and Lily didn’t move from her son’s side. Finally James stood up and approached Lily cautiously.

“Come one Lily, he needs to go to the hospital wing. It’s late as well…we should go to bed,” said James quietly, his voice breaking.

“But-“ Lily began to protest, than looked down at her son’s hurt form. “O-Okay,” she stood up, and kissed Harry’s forehead. “Bye, my darling. I love you…” she whispered to him, through tears. The Headmaster and Transfiguration teachers exchanged looks of sympathy

“Bye son,” said James softly, he took Lily into his arms, and led her down the staircase to the Gryffindor common room.

“Merlin! Who the bloody hell are you!?” screeched a voice. The brown haired girl, Hermione Granger, and the redhead boy, Ron Weasley, where both staring at Lily. Hermione had her wand pointed at Lily’s heart.

James groaned in Lily’s ear.

“Why are you impersonating Harry’s mother!” shrieked Hermione.

“My disguise,” muttered Lily stressfully. She opened her mouth to speak, but Dumbledore walked down.

“Headmaster! This lady, is pretending to be Harry’s mother,” began Hermione.

“Lower that wand, Miss Granger,” said Dumbledore calmly.


“Lower that wand,” he repeated. She did so rather reluctantly, not wanting to disobey an order from the headmaster.

Dumbledore whipped out his wand, and pointed it at Hermione and Ron.

“OBLIVATE!” he boomed, and Ron and Hermione both fell back dazed. “Go quickly,” said Dumbledore to Lily and James and they scuttled from the room.


Harry woke up hours later, finding himself in the hospital wing, lying on a familiar bed. Confused, wondering how he had managed to hurt himself this time, he looked down and gasped. He was injured almost exactly how he had been during that accident in the summer… He groaned. His whole body was aching him, all he had done was fall asleep and yet he just had to be injured! Harry moved his right arm; it felt as heavy as iron. It took him a few minutes to stretch his arm out, and move it to his bedside table. When he finally got it there, he found his glasses, and slowly put them on.

Yes, it was the hospital wing, and he was in the same exact bed as always. However to his amusement there was a sign above his bed reading ‘reserved for Harry James Potter.’ He chuckled slightly, which brought the attention of several individuals. Albus Dumbledore, Johnson, Adrianne, Ron, Hermione, Madame Pomfrey, and (Harry’s heart leapt) Sirius Black, his godfather. Harry managed a weak smile, and at once the group rushed over.

“Merlin Harry, you gave us a right scare!” said Ron.

“Oooh, are you feeling alright?” said Hermione.

“Harry-“ they went on and on. The only people who were not talking was Sirius, Johnson, Adriane, and Dumbledore. Johnson, had an arm around his wife’s shoulders. Her light green eyes were slightly red, and she looked as if she had been crying. There was a strange expression on both of their faces as they watched Harry, but their relief that he was okay was evident.

After Harry swallowed numerous potions from the nurse, who was grumbling about all the dangerous things he did, he managed to speak.

“W-What happened?” he asked. “The last thing I remember was falling asleep after talking to Ron about Hermione and now I’m here,” he said ignoring the wince from Ron when he revealed that the two had actually been talking about Hermione.

“Mr. Weasley, Miss. Granger, Poppy if you could excuse us,” said Dumbledore kindly. They began to protest at once.

“Why not? Harry’s our mate.”

“I don’t see why we can’t listen in.”

“Headmaster! He’s my patient.”

Dumbledore inclined his head slightly.

“Please, only for a short time,” he told them. Ron and Hermione walked out shooting scaving looks at the adults. The nurse went to her office, muttering to herself.


James sighed as he watched the nurse walk to her office, then he looked back at his son. Oh how he longed to talk to him…tell him who James Johnson really was. Lily had spent the day crying. She had cried obviously because Harry was hurt, she couldn’t be with him, she couldn’t tell him who she really was, and the last time she had been with him was when he was a year old. Sirius walked over to Harry, and sat on the edge of his hospital bed, he rested an arm on his shoulder.

Not even James’s happiness for seeing his best friend could cover the amount of jealousy that stirred up in him, he James was supposed to do that… James cleared his throat, Dumbledore had informed him that he was supposed to speak, so he took a seat on the chair next to his son’s bed. He tried to ignore his jealousy at Sirius, and his urge to comfort his son.

“W-Why happened?” Harry asked again, but he directed the question at James. James sighed.

“You had a dream attack,” he said simply.

“How would you know this!?” demanded Sirius turning around and looking James up and down.

“I am the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I was an auror. I received top marks in school. I think I’d know,” said James, feeling slightly hurt that his best friend was giving him a look which he would reserve for Snape.

“Oh,” replied Sirius lamely, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Anyways. In your dream attack you seemed to relive the tragic events of your summer. Am I correct Harry?” asked James, looking at his son.

“Yes,” he replied quietly, and James noticed Sirius’s grip on Harry’s shoulder tighten.

“Now, the only way for these dreams to stop, is for-” but Harry cut him off.

“Occlumency I suppose,” he said gloomily.

“Yes it is,” said Dumbledore entering the conversation for the first time.

“He is NOT taking any lessons with Snivellus!” said Sirius sharply. James had to cover his mouth with his left hand to hide his smile. He was delighted that Sirius called Snape by the old nickname.

Lily walked over and stood by James’s chair, but her eyes were fixed on Harry, her hand was shaking ever so slightly, and James took it in his squeezing it gently.

“He won’t be,” said Dumbledore calmly.

“Then who? Snivellus has got to be the only Legilimens besides you Albus,” said Sirius frowning slightly.

“I’ll be working with him,” said Lily softly, her voice sounding slightly tierd. Sirius turned around quickly and looked at her for a long moment, before nodded.

“Well…alright…” he said finally

Harry smiled at Lily, and Lily smiled back

“Well when are we going to start?” he asked her. Lily glanced at Dumbledore.

“As soon as we can I’m afraid,” said Dumbledore.

“Well…let’s see…how about tomorrow around noon, you need to rest first,” said Lily her voice shaking.

Chapter Five

A/N I think this is my favorite chapter so far! I needed for depth on my characters, and this one is all in Lily’s perspective. Nothing major happens in it, but it creates a new outlook on Lily. Not just her looks, or the stubborn character we think she can be.

This gives you more of a look on the beauty inside of her. It shows how much of a loving mother she is, after all she risked everything for Harry. This chapter, I don’t know I just love it.

The next morning came quickly for Lily. She had barely gotten any sleep, and the image of her son Harry injured was clear in her mind. It was 6:45 a.m. and James was still asleep. Lily sighed, and got out of bed. She tiptoed to her closet, and pulled out khaki pants with red belt buckle, and a shirt of gold, with the Gryffindor crest emblazoned at the top. She pulled it on, sighed, and quietly pulled out a small bag, and went to the sitting room. She took a seat on the velour couch, and opened the bag. She took out a hairbrush, and slowly pulled it through her red locks. She sighed, and took a silver chain from the bag. It was a locket, inside were pictures of Harry, and James. It was shaped in a heart, and was golden.

Lily felt someone pulled her hair back, and take the necklace from her. The hands pulled it around her neck, and clasped it. “James,” said Lily softly turning around to look at her husband. He smiled at her.

“Heading out early Lils?” he asked tiredly, after kissing her good morning.

“Oh…um…yes…haven’t been out on the grounds in ages…thought I’d fancy a walk,” she said shrugging. James nodded.

“Are you alright?” he asked concern evident in his voice.

“Uh…yes…” Lily lied. James gave her a look, which clearly said that he wasn’t convinced and that they would talk about it later. “Anyways…I’m going to head on out. It’s early; no student will be out there. I’ll bring a potion in case though,” she assured him. Lily walked into the bedroom and comeback with a leather bag, and a potion in her hand. She hurriedly placed it inside the bag, and slipped on a pair of black sandals.

“Bye Lils,” said James picking up the newspaper, from the previous day.

“Bye,” and Lily hurried out the portrait hole, and through the hallways. They were empty, and Lily sped down the hall. If anyone saw her they’d think she was just a red blur, she passed safely through the doors, and entered the grounds. She smiled slightly; it was exactly how she remembered it.

Lily ran through the grounds, and finally approached the lake. Her lake, as she used to say in school. Lily sighed, and sat at the edge of the waters, the squid wasn’t it view, and it just appeared to be a shimmering beauty. Lily brushed her hair from her emerald eyes, and began to sing softly. It was a lullaby her friend Aria Johnson, from school had taught her.

“Fairies, pixies, and unicorns.
Dragons, knights, and princesses.
A fairy tale world, the magical world…

Darkness sweeps over us, and we are plunged into a sea of hate, and fright.
Only one thing could help us here this night….
‘Lone your not,
Never caught,
May you learn,
That our love for you shall always burn.
You’re the hero of our world…

One day you’ll win…
The world will begin…again

I love you my darling Harry…

Lily sighed, her voice was beautiful and echoed through the grounds. Aria had wrote it for Harry, and Lily would sing it to him when he was a baby. There was more to it…but she couldn’t remember.

Trying not to let her emotions over take her, Lily opened her bag. She pulled out, a muggle sketch book, and a small tin box with drawing pencils of different colors. Lily had always had a thing for Art, and she loved to draw. It helped her get rid of her emotions, and calm down. Lily opened the box, and turned to a clean page. She stared at it for a moment. The she took out her black pencil and began to write the words to the lullaby on the page. She sang them while she wrote, the tip of the pencil pressing down onto the stark white page.

When she got to the last line of the song, she underlined it. Then Lily picked up another pencil and drew Harry, sitting by the lake. His face reflected in the waters, his brilliant green eyes staring into her own. Lily sighed, when she had finished, and drew lily flowers and broomsticks around the page. After she finished the picture she slowly removed it from her book, and placed it on the lush grass next to her. She turned to another new page, and looked at the silhouette of Hogwarts, its beauty, and the way it seemed to posses a sense of excitement. Lily smiled as she remembered the first time she had ever seen the castle.


“Wow, this place is so big!” squealed Lily. “If only Petunia could see this,” she said bouncing on the balls of her feet, as they entered the castle.

“Isn’t pretty?” said a girl behind her. She had dark hair that fell to her shoulders, and her eyes were a dazzling blue. She had a lovely face, and was smiling. “Oh, I’m Aria Johnson,” she told Lily, now walking next to her.

“Nice to meet you, my name’s Lily Evans,” said Lily smiling. “Ooooh! Did you see the way the castle reflects in the water? It seems to have such an aura about it. Merlin, this is all like a dream. I’m muggleborn by the way,” said Lily.

“I know, it’s so unbelievable, I’m muggleborn as well, and I was so amazed when I got my letter,” said Aria.

“I think I’m going to love it here,” said Lily softly, her hand brushing the stone walls of the castle, that would be more like her home then she even knew.


Lily could never forget that evening, it had changed her life so much. She wondered how it was like for Harry… After all he apparently lived with Petunia, and Lily doubted he even knew about James and her being of magic backround. A tear slid down her cheek, and she ran a hand through her hair.

Merlin, I’ve missed out on so much. His first steps…his first words…his first friends…the first time he rides a broom…the first time James takes his to a Quidditch match…his first wand…his first trip to Diagon Alley…his first broom…his first time running the barrier of Platform 9 ¾…the anxiety of being sorted…his first Quidditch game…his face when he got his Hogwarts letter…the first time he saw the castle…

She had missed so much of his life, and Lily felt more tears run down her cheeks, but she blinked to make them stop. Lily looked back down at her sketch book, and began to draw. She drew everything, out. Her emotions got lost in her pictures, and she was so absorbed in it, that she didn’t notice the wind blowing away her portrait of Harry.

Chapter Six

A/N I really liked the last chapter, and I enjoyed writing it. I’m going to do a chapter quite like the last one only with James. Then one with the trio and Ginny. After that will be the first Occlumency lesson, so this is all before noon..

James ran a hand through his untidy hair. He knew Lily was upset, I mean who wouldn’t be!? They had just seen their son, injured…it was frightening to see all those cuts and scrapes appear on his face just out of nowhere. It was if…when he was in the hospital wing with Lily their parental feeling began to flood rapidly through them taking control over them.

James frowned, and stood up. He walked over to the large window, which viewed the lake. He remembered when Lily and him had first seen their Heads lounge and Quarters. Lily had loved the view of the lake; she used to call it her lake. Sure enough, he saw Lily sitting by the edge of the waters. He smiled, she looked so pretty from here, Merlin, he loved her. James undid the latch of the window, and pushed it open. Before he could say anything or even think anything, his ears were filled with beautiful music.

A soft, lovely, beautiful voice rang through the grounds, and now into Lily and James’s quarters. It was such a mysterious melody, of course… it was Lily, she was singing Harry’s lullaby. James smiled slightly, and walked back to the table.

He had the morning to himself, and he had no clue about what to do! He didn’t want to fly, Lily needed time to herself, and he would just be in the way. He couldn’t grade homework, because first he hadn’t assigned any, and plus it was the second day of term. He had his first class of the day at 8:30 a.m., and right now it was 6:45 a.m.

James’s thoughts suddenly turned to seeing Sirius in the hospital wing last night. Sirius’s looked different…his eyes were so sunken… Dumbledore had told him that he had spent 13 years in Azkaban…for a crime he didn’t commit.

Yet, seeing his best friend was so amazing. Merlin, this was just as hard as seeing your son and not telling him that you’re his father! Maybe…if he persuaded Sirius not to tell Harry…no. He couldn’t.

Yesterday in the hospital wing his jealousy had overtaken him, yes. When he saw Sirius display those fatherly actions toward Harry… That was supposed to be him! He was supposed to be the boy’s father…but…

James was glad that he and Lily had made Sirius, Harry’s godfather. He was perfect, and he would have been such a great father.

Aria…Aria Johnson Black… She had been Sirius’s wife…then she had died….Bellatrix Lestrange, his cousin had killed her a year or two before Harry was born.

Coming out of his complex thoughts, he turned his attention back to what he was going to do for the day. He Thought for a long time, when a smile broke out on his face.

“Detention records!” he said brightly. Teachers had access to student’s detention records…and he could read up on the many from his days, to refresh his memories. Of course he could always see how mischievous his son was, by looking up his records!

Grinning from his brilliant idea, James stuffed his wand into the pocket of his robes, and raced through the portrait hole, and down the hall. The records were kept in the Staff Room. The halls, were empty, and James practically ran to the room, closing his eyes when he passed the infirmary,. He entered the room, and found it deserted

Sighing, he walked over to a large shelf in the back of the room. It had file after file inside. These were the old ones. James scanned the shelves. He grinned when he found his name. There were a few shelves (and these shelves were big mind you) simply devoted to the his 5th year alone. He found a paper on the wall. It read…

For the collection of detention records for James Potter or Sirius Black check with the Headmaster. They were so much, they were incorporated into a separate room.

James smiled, and grabbed one of the folders of his fifth year. He took a seat in and armchair and began to rifle through…

James Potter
2 nights detention
Locked Severus Snape in an empty classroom, with Peeves as company.


James Potter & Severus Snape
1 night’s detention
Arguing and fighting over a girl named Lily Evans
--Apparently Snape called Evans a ‘mudblood’ and Potter defended her, and the fight started—


James Potter
1 weeks detention
Forced Severus Snape into the Vanishing Cabinet.
---No idea where he sent him—


James Potter & Sirius Black
2 nights detention
Fooled Charms substitute into thinking that they had the names…
James Potter- Alfred Suthportick
Sirius Black- Bob Freesworth


James Potter
1 nights detention
Caught giving Peeves a bag of Dungbombs


James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew
1 nights detention
Found with what I think is a secret map of Hogwarts
--started insulting me when I tried to figure out what it was
**note to self: Find out who is Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, insulted me and Mrs. Norris!


James Potter
4 nights if detention
Charmed the Slytherin’s into singing in the Halloween Feast


James Potter
1 night detention
We still haven’t found Snape yet!


James Potter & Lily Evans
1 Night Detention
Yelling in the Great Hall


James chuckled as he read through them, He sighed, and looked up.

“Merlin! Life was good,” he said closing his eyes.

“Potter,” growled a voice in Jame’s ear. James sighed. Just when he thought h was having a good day!

“What do I owe this pleasure Snivelly?” asked James, turning around and facing Snape.

Snape shrugged.

“Well, I just thought I’d come in here grade papers, but now that you’re here Potter…I heard about your foolish son,” said Snape. James didn’t say anything, but his fingers curled into fists.

“Saw Lily outside, bit stupid of here not in her disguise,” said Snape casually. Again, James didn’t speak.

“I’d watch out for Potter junior he has a certain cloak of yours…and map,” he said. This obviously got James’s attention.

“My invisibility cloak, and the Marauders Map! Merlin, this is wonderful, he isn’t some goody good student, he’s a troublemaker excellent! I mean he has the Potter looks, trouble making-brilliant, smart, great at defense, Quidditch,” James rambled on, and Snape rolled his eyes and left.

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Chapter Seven

Hermione sighed, and pulled out some muggle clothes. Sixth year students were allowed to wear muggle clothes, when their uniforms were in the wash, but they had to wear something to signify their house. Hermione pulled out a pair of stonewash jeans from her trunk, and a navy blue shirt. It fir her perfectly, and she threw on her Hogwarts robes, where her house crest was sewn. She looked at Parvati and Lavender, they were still asleep. Hermione noticed the way Parvati’s dark locks fell into her stunning eyes, if she liked Ronald Weasley…he would sure go out with her.

What was it that make Ron, not like her? I mean, she had been constantly dropping hints all week… After she had changed her looks over the summer…he still didn’t like her! She had gotten a whole new look about herself, to face this!?

“Maybe…just maybe….” Hermione separated a lock of her brown hair from her ponytail, this wasn’t her at all. Hermione took a sharp breath, and walked over to the mirror looking at herself curiously.

She looked exactly like how she did at the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and on those summer days she had spent in Victor’s company.

“This isn’t me,” she said quietly. She had become almost a clone of Parvati and Lavender, caring about how she looked, how she dressed. Hermione rubbed the light blush she had applied to her cheeks off. Make-up? Honestly, it was so stupid! How shallow could she get?

She looked down at her jeans, and shirt. It fitted so perfect, and she glared at them. She was wearing things that were in fashion! Since, when did she care!?

Hermione looked at her reflection in disgust, and walked over to her trunk. She threw open the lid, and looked through her clothes. All she could find were clothes…fashionable clothes…jewelry…make-up….ribbons, what had she done!?

“Merlin!” moaned Hermione, tears in her eyes. She hated herself, for doing this. She ran out of the dormitory, and ran out of the common room. She tore through the halls, and into the grounds. She heard the most beautiful voice singing, but she couldn’t make out the words.

She spotted a slender figure by the lake, and she moved closer. She accidentally stepped on a twig, and the figure stopped, and pulled something from her bag, it seemed like a bottle, or flask. She lifted it to her lips, and set it down. Hermione frowned and walked over and saw a sheet of light brown hair, across the figure’s back.

The figure turned around, and spotted her. It was Adrianne, her Arithmency teacher.

“Good Morning Hermione,” she said with a smile, but her voice sounded rather hoarse. Had she been crying.

“Morning Professor,” said Hermione walking over and settling herself next to Adrianne.

“Honestly, the brightest student I’ve ever met has permission to call me Adriane Professor makes me sound old!” she said lightening the mood.

“Alright Adrianne…Addy…” said Hermione. She saw Adrianne holding a sketchbook, and pencils.

“Wow, do you draw?” asked Hermione, looking at her with a grin, but she was still thinking about what she had done to herself… Adrianne looked at her for a long time her light green eyes boring into Hermione’s. Finally she removed her gaze and nodded.

“Here…Hermione let me do a portrait of you,” said Adrianne, selecting one of the pencils from the tin box laid in front of her.

“But…I don’t want-“ she began. But it was to later Adrianne had already began. The thing was she never took her eyes off the white art sheets. She never even once glanced at Hermione. Adrianne sketched, for about 10 or 15 minutes of silence, but Hermione had a notice that she sang softly under her breath when she worked.

Adrianne sighed, and laid her pencil on the lush grass. She handed the art pad to Hermione, who accepted it. When her eyes took in the image she began to sob. Adrianne had drew Hermione…but not the flashy, shallow, stylish girl she saw when looking in the mirror…no…

The Hermione in Adrianne’s picture had bushy brown hair. Her face was clean of make-up, and she was dressed in loose (but pretty, not flashy and over stylish) shirt, and her eyes sparkled with delight. She looked beautiful, compared to how she was right now…it was her…really her…

“Oh, Hermione! Don’t you cry,” said Adrianne putting an arm around Hermione’s waist, and pulling her into a comforting hug.

“L-Look w-what I-I’ve t-turned i-into!” she wailed through tears. “T-This i-isn’t m-me…I..o-only d-did…” she broke up crying helplessly into Adrrianne’s shoulder.

“You only did this to get Ron Weasley’s attention,” she said softly.

“H-How did you k-know?” asked Hermione through her tears.

“Legilimensy dear,” said Adrianne.

“O-Oh…I-I t-tried t-to c-change b-back, but I all….I h-had was those flashy shirts….and stuff…” said Hermione.

“Come with me dear,” said Adriane standing up and pulling Hermione inside the castle, and too her and James’s dorm.

“W-what are we doing?” asked Hermione wiping away her tears. Adrianne didn’t reply but led her to her closet. Hermione gasped it was full of clothes, and the closet was HUGE! Adrianne smiled and looked at Hermione carefully. “Hermione, I want you to go rinse your hair out, rinse your face, actually go take a shower alright? Don’t touch your hair, and don’t touch any make-up…afterwards okay?” Adrianne looked through her closet and pulled something’s down. “Put these on, and come back in here,” said Adrianne.

“Okay…” said Hermione with a sigh. Adrianne directed her to the bathroom, and a whilt later Hermione stepped out. Her hair was bushy, and her face was clean of make-up. Her eyes sparkled, and she smiled slightly. She was wearing a soft velour sweater and cotton black pants. She didn’t look like the stylish, shallow girl from before, no. She was her old self again…and Merlin to Adrianne she was still beautiful.

“Outer beauty does not make up for a lack of inner beauty. Inner beauty is remembered long after outer beauty has become dust,” said Adrianne softly. “Hermione, Merlin you have a lot of inner beauty,” said Adrianne. Hermione’s eyes filled with tears, and she ran up embracing Adrianne. Adrianne smiled, and lent Hermione some normal robes, and clothes. As Hermione left the dorm, ecstatic Lily couldn’t help but smile. Hermione reminded her almost exactly of her when she was 16…


Hermione took a breath, and entered the Great Hall. It was silent at once people were surveying her with disgust, that she had changed into her normal self. Hermione swallowed hard feeling nervous, but spotted Adrianne who smiled encouragingly at her. Hermione returned the smile, and went over to sit by Ron.

Ron was staring at her openmouthed.

“Hi,” said Hermione nervously, Ron was about to say something when Terry Boot ran over, looking at Hermione in disgust.

“YOU! I! I…CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU’VE CHANGED INTO…YOUR UGLY OLD SELF AGAIN!” he yelled, the hall went silent once more. “OUR DATE IS OFF!” he yelled, Hermione’s eyes brimmed with tears, and Adrianne, and Johnson (James) stood up. They didn’t have time to say anything, because Ron whipped out his wand, and pointed it at Terry’s heart.

“I think she look’s amazing,” he said to the hall, but mostly towards Terry. “Beautiful, even…” he whispered and his voice carried through the hall. Hermione’s heart soared…then…

“Hermione will you go out with me?” Ron asked.

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